Congress has an 11 percent approval rating and our federal government is no closer to solving the major issues facing our Country, it is simply time for a change. As a lawyer, a law librarian, a television show host and politician, my expertise together with your help will allow us to forge a prosperous future ahead. We need new ideas for a new era. 


1) Stop nation building in the Middle East and start rebuilding America’s infrastructure (e.g. Bridges, water desalination plants across America’s coast to provide fresh water to farmers and States facing water droughts, high speed railroad lines across the country, etc.)  


2) Create incentives for American companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.  I would encourage Congress to overhaul our current multiple free trade agreements with foreign governments.  These free trade agreements encourage American businesses to outsource jobs overseas and then these companies flood the US market with cheap products.  It is in our best interest to have free trade agreements only with countries that surround the United States of America such as the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Canada.   


3) Fight for Fair comprehensive immigration reform that unite families and not separate them, and demand an end to the mass deportation of non-violent immigrants.   


4) I would support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it with a Public Option.  Under the Public Option, the government would not come between an individual with his/her private insurance company.  The Public Option would be the alternative to an expensive private health insurance plan and it would be optional.  This option is a non-profit option that would give all residents of the United States health insurance at the lowest possible rate.    


5) Increase funding in education (e.g. increase financial aid for college & technical students) and provide funding to the States to pay teachers a competitive salary with hopes of attracting qualified teachers into the profession.  Qualified teachers will insure that American students are not left behind and these children will be well prepared to compete with our competitors aboard (Russia, China, North Korea, India, etc.)   


6) I would support a balance budget amendment to help control runaway spending.  Like in the State of Florida, Congress should be required to pass a balanced budget every year so that we do not saddle massive debt on the shoulders of our children.   

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